All good things... 💫

All good things... 💫
Västerås is beautiful

I've thankfully not had a lot to write about over the last few weeks which is pretty refreshing. I removed every work related app from my phone and computer, so unless someone calls me on the the actual telephone I am not reachable. 😄

I signed up for Svenska för invandrare (SFI) which is a free Swedish language course the government offers to help immigrants learn Swedish. I was given some material to study, but I'll go to night classes two days a week starting August 5th. From what I hear the class is very heavily dependent on the instructor, and it ranges from "This is a waste of my time" to "Wow! I can't believe this is a free course!" While the latter would be nice, I will be happy if it's somewhere in the middle at least. If I'm going to give them 8 hours a week, it should at least be valuable. Here are a list of notes I took, just in case anyone reading had some sort of... interest in Languages.

Möbler (Furniture)
Stol - Chair
Bord - Table
Säng - Bed
Soffa - Sofa
Bokhylla - Bookshelf

Kläder (Clothes)
Skjorta - Shirt
Byxor - Pants
Jacka - Jacket
Skor - Shoes
Hatt - Hat

Färger (Colors)
Röd - Red
Blå - Blue
Grön - Green
Gul - Yellow
Svart - Black

Mat (Food)
Bröd - Bread
Ost - Cheese
Äpple - Apple
Kött - Meat
Grönsaker - Vegetables

Dryck (Drinks)
Vatten - Water
Kaffe - Coffee
Te - Tea
Juice - Juice
Öl - Beer

Kroppsdelar (Body Parts)
Huvud - Head
Arm - Arm
Ben - Leg
Öga - Eye
Mun - Mouth

Djur (Animals)
Hund - Dog
Katt - Cat
Häst - Horse
Fågel - Bird
Fisk - Fish

Siffror (Numbers)
Ett - One
Två - Two
Tre - Three
Fyra - Four
Fem - Five

Dagar (Days)
Måndag - Monday
Tisdag - Tuesday
Onsdag - Wednesday
Torsdag - Thursday
Fredag - Friday

Månader (Months)
Januari - January
Februari - February
Mars - March
April - April
Maj - May

Årstider (Seasons)
Vår - Spring
Sommar - Summer
Höst - Autumn
Vinter - Winter

Platser och Verb (Places and Verbs)
Skola - School
Arbete - Work
Hemma - Home
Springa - Run
Läsa - Read

Subject - Verb - Object - Place - Time

Alex and I rode into town a few days ago now that the weather has reach peak Swedish perfection. I biked 🚲 and she scootered 🛴since it's only around 5km into town from our home. We didn't have any real agenda, just to see the sights and enjoy a walk. Sometimes it's easy to forget we live in a city that was founded in 990 AD.

I do have some dread about having to go back to work creeping in. I'm going to send out some applications to a few different companies to help, and try my best to not think about it.

I guess we could tuck in some American politics down here in the corner.. I watched the debate the other day, and Trump was his usual lying and hateful self while Biden was just.. overtly old. Not great.

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