Getting Away 🏖️

Getting Away 🏖️

Since moving to Sweden, this time of year for the locals has always been vacation time. Sweden basically shuts down in July once midsommar rolls around. It's very common for people to take 4, 5, or even 6 weeks away from work.

I've never done the full Swedish vacation. Since coming from the US where you might only get 2 weeks vacation a year, taking so much vacation is just scary to me. Like I've used up several years of time away. I think you see where I'm going with this... I'm most certainly taking the full Swedish this year.

Sweden National Day is kind of the equivalent of the 4th of July and it's a day we all get off here and I'm using that day to be the springboard into taking a full month off.

I've never had so much time off and I don't have any plans for it. Travel is kinda out for now since Leon requires so much attention between his Diabetes and Kidney issues, so it's looking like just a full time at home to rest, relax, and reset.

I at least have some hobbies to pursue during this. I recently picked up a 3D printer and have been printing out SO many Hexagons

On top of my hexagon machine, I'm probably going to do a game jam and start working on my own game again. The most important part of this whole thing is that I put my laptop in the closet, sign out of Slack and email and as far as work is concerned, I'm off grid for a month.

The fun starts June 6th!