Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to Long and Happy Life

Work gives us a learning budget each year to spend how we like on things that will somehow further or career learning. Due to the fact that I think they are a bunch of doo-doo heads, I bought things that seemed interesting and counter to anything that has to do with work.

Some of the books I picked up:

It's probably stating the obvious that there is a clear theme here. A "Please, anything but 8-5 looking at a screen that doesn't have any meaningful impact on the world." Since short of winning the lottery which I don't play, I still need money to live so the only thing I can control about it for now, is my outlook.

This book is a fairly short read. You could probably blast through it in an afternoon if you're a more diligent and focused reader than I am. It does mean the message it's trying to get to you is concisely delivered without too much filler. Except maybe a few tangents about Porcelain and Steve Jobs which I didn't mind.

Ikigai combines passion, mission, vocation, and profession to find purpose and joy in life

Ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning β€œreason for being,” is beautifully explored in the book. This book delves into the wisdom of Okinawa, where inhabitants often live beyond 100, or even 110 years to become super-centenarians, as the book calls them. Ikigai combines passion, mission, vocation, and profession to find purpose and joy in life. It’s not just about living longer, but living better. Embrace your ikigai by balancing what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

Your Ikigai, is a the center of all your reasons to do something

I know it's not likely to read any particular book and have it rewire you into a happier work environment, but I can say I feel more calm and focus after reading this. It's a good reminder that, the most important aspects to life aren't financial success, or items owned. It reminds me to simply focus on what I am passionate about, and to seek what is my own reason for living.

Useless macro shot of the book to try and look cool

There is a large section around the middle that is just quotes from people over 100 talking about their secret for long life and it is NOT helpful at all. It seems like poll trying to come up with a reason for something that is without. One of them apparently even smoked until the age of 120, so I'd say it's clear there isn't one answer.

If you want a nice easy read, that will leave you feeling better than when you started it, I'd pick this up. It's short, the hardback is nice, and it is even cheaper than most. Also, it's very photogenic. πŸ˜€

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