MiniJam Results 🗳️

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I gave myself a goal of top 20 for this one, but didn’t quite make it. My overall score landed me in 28th place, but I’m still pretty happy with this. I think I tried to make too many things and by the end the game was getting pretty complex for a weekend game. There were a lot of learning this from this, just like every time. Rating is less important than the new skills gained.

Next jam, my plan is to take a simple idea and do it really well.

Really enjoyed the vibe. Very creative use of the theme and limitation. Good game.

Mindless Turtle

Great aesthetic. I like the small details such as the game going from day to dark. Neat to see the headlights turn on and off. I also like the music; it feels a bit more actiony, but I like it. Great work. I love to see developer’s using Godot.


Fun little game, the style kinda reminds me of the good old days of flash games



I played to the end and I liked it. 
Just a well-made game with a clear goal.


Nice mechanics, and the music fits perfectly for a game centered on a big truck. Good work! 🙂