Moving to Wordpress ➡️

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This probably doesn’t mean much to you, but I’ll be honest. I really just need an excuse to check out the post editor on this new platform. 😁 I was hosting this on but their setup is really entirely focused on growing your blog as quickly as possible and making money. The obsession with user engagement is why I write here instead of Facebook. My feed there is 5% people I care about and the rest is either SPONSORED CONTENT or SUGGESTED FOR YOU. I don’t want either of those things. I just want to interact with the people I care about! Seems I have gone on another “Facebook is dumb” micro-rant.

Anyways, some things I like about this platform.

  1. I’m hosting it myself. My data isn’t stored in another companies proprietary system.
  2. Direct comments on posts are possible
  3. Open Source (Ghost is as well, so it’s a win for either)
  4. WordPress has been around a very long time and the platform is very mature.

Looking forward to interacting!

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