Restricted! ๐Ÿšซ

Restricted! ๐Ÿšซ

Coming up to this game jam, I knew the overall theme would be fishing so I spent all week testing out various water effects, to try and get a nice looking underwater feel for the game so that when this weekend arrived, I’d have a good idea of how to assemble this game.

Underwater effects testing

Game jams typically have a restriction to work around to keep them challenging and fun, but this one ended up being…


Heck… so as of now, it’s Saturday morning, I have 1d 18h left and I’m working on a new plan! Turn the boat into a truck, and the pond into a desert. We’re “fishing” but with a big magnet instead and the fish are barrels of fuel, and post apocalyptic scrap.

Here is what I have available so far. I have my truck with the working crane on the back that can drive through my empty desert. Time to get to it!


Well, it’s Monday and I got my game finished in the 72 hour window. The voting is underway now and early comments are all very positive! Feeling pretty good!