Update to say... no update? šŸ„±

macbook pro on white table

I really wanted to challenge myself to do a good job of keeping people up to date.. but really we are just kinda snowed in and on vacation. Nothing to really share or complain about šŸ™‚

I guess I could share how I’m checking on my baking progress with my favorite note taking app, which is Notion.

I have only been using it for maybe 4-5 months now, but I love how organized it makes me feel. My favorite part about it is how customizable it is. You can create your own layouts for everything. In this case, this is my baking section of it, where I’ve been keeping any recipes people send me, or the ones I find on my own. Notion then gives me the freedom to track right there, the results of each attempt so I can see when I did it, and what I think I did right or wrong each time.

I also tried my hand as making some pasta for the first time. It was way too thick, but it was still pretty tasty. Not really baking, but I guess you could call it baking adjacent.

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