End of Line šŸšŖ

End of Line šŸšŖ
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

At least I can look back when this is all over, and say at least I tried. I tried to make this work. I tried to find interesting things to reengage with, I tried taking time away, and I even tried anti-anxiety medication to make going to work each day palatable. No such luck


Or at least I will...

I'm actively looking for the best way out. It's very difficult to get fired in Sweden, so sometimes companies will buyout a contract and basically pay you a lot of money to just go away. This would be the most ideal, as it would mean not only would I still get paid to not work for several months, it would mean getting released from all of the terrible non-compete parts of my contract that prevent me from making games on my own in my spare time. Since this jackpot seems unlikely to just happen, one option would be to ask for it. This isn't a great option since it gives them all the negotiating power.

The other option would be to quit normally, which is a 3 month notice period in which I get nothing at the end. I guess except I get my mental health back which is a small bonus... šŸ˜„

We're doing an offsite trip all next week to Barcelona and I'm super annoyed I have to go. I know it sounds like such privileged nonsense to complain about being sent to Barcelona (and it really is), but do be sent to do a job you're 100% disengaged from. Have to just go to work in a different office, and then stay in a hotel all week. Not my favorite way to spend a week.

In other news, I think I finally have both email newsletters and comments working, so if you read this on the website there should be a space below to interact. ā¬‡ļøā¬‡ļøā¬‡ļøā¬‡ļøā¬‡ļø

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