Reengagement Strategy 🥔

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If you’ve read my last posts, you know at this point I’ve pretty much fully lost interest in my job. Having the Sunday night dread creep in every week and living for the weekend isn’t much of a way to live. So when an opportunity came up to take on a huge project that will probably take most of the year and have me working with teams from all over the company.. I said.. yes/

I recognize that this strategy of trying to find passion for my work by doubling down on it is a bit like trying to save a shitty marriage by having a baby. That said this is at least in a bit of a different area from my day to day work and will give me a chance to set my own goals, and work and pace. If this doesn’t work… I don’t know. Office work isn’t for me and I’m going to go up north and farm potatoes.

Office work isn’t for me and I’m going to go up north and farm potatoes.

– Me, just now

This new project is not just any assignment. It’s a chance to step outside my comfort zone, to work with new teams, and to tackle problems I haven’t faced before. It’s an opportunity to be creative, to innovate, and to make a significant impact. I don’t think I’ll ever feel super excited to do work things, but right now I’d settle for not dreading work.

Of course, diving into a big project isn’t without its risks. There’s the fear of failure, the stress of managing a larger workload, and the pressure to deliver results. But I’m choosing to see these challenges as opportunities for growth. I’m embracing the uncertainty and using it as fuel to push myself harder.

I’m also taking this as a chance to reflect on what I want out of my career. This project is a stepping stone, not just to reengage with my job but to set the stage for my future endeavors. It’s about rediscovering my passions and aligning my work with my personal and professional goals.

My run away strategy wouldn’t actually be potatoes.. it would probably be just quit and make my own games all day since I’ve been building that skillset.

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