Return of the Blog

Return of the Blog
Photo by camilo jimenez / Unsplash

The internet and social media are just awful and I think we should return to just cultivating the relationships we actually care about.

As of right now, according to Facebook I have 348 friends. There is no way this is anywhere near accurate for how many people I actually interact with in a year. I could probably tell you where I met them all, and maybe a little bit about them, but that’s pretty far from an actual friendship. So, I plan to try keeping a personal blog for the people I’m close to. The ones that would actually read it. The ones that might care what I’m up to, instead of just doom scrolling Facebook or Twitter. (As of this writing twitter still exists.. 😆)

This video from fantastic YouTube channel Kurzgesagt does an awesome job of explaining why this generalized social media is bad and why it doesn’t work for the way we operate.

So, hello there dear friend or family member! If you’re here, I do care about you and you’re probably someone that miss since I decided to uproot my life and move very far away. (Twice) This is me trying to do better at communicating. 😄